Tempo SC Ultra Insecticide

Tempo SC Ultra -
An Excellent Choice Among Outdoor Insect Control Treatments

Tempo SC Ultra

Premise Liquid Insecticide

1. Immediate knockdown kill lasting up to 4 weeks.

2. Cost effective solution providing unmatched results
at lower rates than other insecticides.

3. Leaves barely any visible residue and is an odorless
insecticide that can treat up to 30,000 sq. ft.

Tempo SC

Tempo SC Ultra is a liquid soluble concentrate insecticide that will effectively control over 100 different types of insect pests whether it be indoors, outdoor, on the turf, or even on your ornamental plants. Although other products may seem inexpensive compared to Tempo SC, Tempo SC Ultra has a proven higher insect mortality rate, so it will be beneficial to invest in a product that you know is effective.

Reasons Why You Should Purchase Tempo SC Ultra

  • Residual For Up To 4 Weeks
  • Is Economically Priced and Is Cost Effective
  • Acts On Both Contact and Ingestion
  • Versatile - Works For Both Outdoor Control and Indoor Control
  • Broad Spectrum Control of Pests Including Crawling, Flying, and Wood Infesting Pests

Tempo SC Ultra

Tempo SC Ultra has been formulated with an active ingredient, Cyfluthrin, that will deliver the power of a powder formulation in a liquid form. The liquid form allows for a larger disbursement which means that Tempo SC Ultra will effectively control an even broader spectrum of pests over other soluble concentrates. It is also more effective at lower rates than other insecticides; mixed at 1 oz per gallon of water produces a fast knockdown without losing residual activity. This means that it is actually up to 6 times more effective than 3rd generation pyrethroid insecticides. Although Tempo SC works primarily as a contact kill insecticide, it also acts on ingestion, ensuring complete control of the infestation. Tempo SC has been EPA-registered and is labeled for use in virtually any area including livestock buildings, horse stables, swine houses and is safe enough to use in around the home, schools, on lawns, trees, and etc. It is a no odor, non-staining, long lasting, safe insecticide that targets a huge variety of pests and so you know that you can trust the effectiveness of Tempo SC Ultra.